Thursday, February 28, 2013

well, hello there

as you can see i have been a total failure as a blogger. ummm, two years? recently i have been wishing that i had documented certain things so here i am to give it another try. a lot has happened in those two years. 16th birthdays, graduations, first jobs, first boyfriends, going off to the army only to return with a medical condition, starting online college courses, etc.... life goes on.

so, i am here to try to make amends. share family and friends, share my stories, and share my "art" adventures. i say "art" because i do not consider myself an artist in any shape, form, or fashion. i am a great crafter. if i see something i can usual make or reproduce similar results. i want to get to where i am making more art from me. what i see, what i feel, not the choices of others. the problem is i like only parts of arting, journal, painting, etc. so i've decided to embrace what i like and not feel like i have to go further, to "complete" it as someone else would.

here goes my second round of blogging. cross your fingers and hope i make a go of it.

p.s. here are a couple of photos from my yard today.
view from front porch
view from back porch
another view from back porch

have a good day, mk