Saturday, June 8, 2013

ICAD - days 5-8

hi from northern ny where is is cloudy and 55 degrees.

got my card for today finished and photographed numbers 5-8. i am still working through exercises from the collage workshop book by randel plowman. i have also challenged myself to use only what scraps i already have and that i can reach from my chair (with the exception of one box of art scraps and my tapes). that included several boxes and drawers. so you would think that it would be easy to collect items to use. it took me longer than it should because 1) i tend to use similar color palettes all the time (blue/green or white/tan/black). i really had to dig to find the pinks, some yellows and oranges (for the next couple of days), and some reds; and 2) i tend to make books so many of my scraps are what are cut when i size book pages, usually to 6x9. i did find a lot of pieces in the 3x6 range and i can make a couple of mini books from them, so that was a plus.

any way, here are my cards:

day 5 - turquoise

day 6 - green

day 7 - pink

day 8 - red (i liked this one until i added the doodling, so i added the black tape to try to balance it out but i still don't like it). the clearance is in reference to trying to clear out paper and stuff!

linking up to ICAD. thanks for stopping by and have a good day, mary.


  1. Wonderful cards!!! I like to work with similar color palettes too. I like the red one a lot :)

  2. Another great bunch of cards. I really like your color choices and the way you put things together :)

  3. I love your cards! I've been so tempted by that collage book - Amazon keeps recommending it. Judging by your ICADS it might be worth adding to my wishlist?

    Thank you so much for stopping by mine earlier :)

  4. I like your color groupings! That is going to be one FAT spiral notebook of index cards when you are finished with it. I like the collage book you referenced--a great inspiration during a challenge like this, since he "worked small" too. And I love the idea of using scraps you can reach right there on your desk; I've gotten some of my best results with that approach!

  5. Fun collages! really like the 'clearance' one...when icad rolls around I try to do some 'clearance' of supplies that are piling up! and isn't that Collage Workshop book great? I never get tired of reading it. he makes it look so easy. You are doing great icads...

  6. I really like the colour theme running through them... and they all look so neat and polished... lovely to meet you through ICAD and looking forward to seeing more...xx

  7. My original intention when I decided to do collage on all my cards was to use the prompts in that book, but so far I have only created one with his prompts! Thansk for the reminder. Love your cards, very inspiring.

  8. I love your cards! Your collages are wonderful. I think my favourite is the shades of white. Amazing how much you can do with such a gentle group of colours.

  9. Love all your cards, but I love them even more because they are all in one book together! That is going to be one awesome book when you are done!

    My favorite is the Clearance card, I think it turned out lovely!