Tuesday, March 16, 2010

my first blog post

well, i may have finally jumped on the blogging boat. at least i am giving it a try. my blog will be mostly a place for keeping in touch with friends and family. letting them know what is going on in my life. it will also be a place to show all my creations, from photos to scrapbooking to collage to painting to sewing to quilting and what ever else strikes my fancy. you get the idea here. actually it is all about me, LOL.

i'm making no promises here about regularly blogging. it will be hit and miss and probably boring and may not even bear fruit. i am a terrible procrastinator and admit it. i feel that my life is boring so be prepared to be unamazed and to face not always so pretty reality.

so, for what it is worth you have been warned. so here goes. oh, and yes i always type in all lower case.

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