Sunday, March 21, 2010

what lies beneath

well, what lies beneath is a long sleeping, cold, brown nature. it's time to wake up. a lot of places around have had bare ground for almost a month, but for some reason in our neighborhood it has stuck around. but we had a run of warm weather and it finally started going away. this is what it looked like in front of our deck for several weeks now.

it is time to wake up. you know, we spend countless hours scrapping this stuff up into these piles. but then they get nasty dirty looking and they stay there and stay there. so, i took matters into my own hands. i spent a couple of hours chipping and shoveling it away and found what lies beneath. some sad looking bushes! they need trimming, some food, and some warm sun before they will look like much again.

that little bit of snow melted the next day and left a muddy mess. but for now i see proof of nature at work.

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