Friday, May 31, 2013

more gelli printing

hi from northern ny where it is sunny and 90 degrees (and humid)

well, i can't seem to get past the gelli printing. i need to stop because at the moment it would take me quite some time to use up what i have printed. but, a few days ago i looked at the Gelli Arts blog and they had a new technique posted. it is a transfer from the plate onto packing tape. pretty cool. it took me a little bit to get the hang of it because you are building the whole design on the plate just like you would on paper. what you see is what you get when you lift it to the tape. here are a few pics of my first tries. i am linking these to carolyn dube's gelli print party for may.

these are the first two i did. i used a gold color perfect pearls on these.
on this group a used a variety of perfect pearls. in the center photo, the strip on the left (which you can barely see) i used a blue powder. i don't like this one very much. on the center piece i didn't use any powder. instead i put the tape directly onto a piece of book paper. i like this look but there is not really enough sticky left on the tape. it probably should be attached with some kind of medium. the one on the right has a white powder on it. i really wanted silver but don't have any and i was too engrossed in what i was doing to get up and go get some aluminum foil to try. in the bottom photo the strip on the left has a reddish powder and the one on the right has gold. i want to try some more this weekend remembering that you have to build from the bottom up on the plate.

i also played in paint shop with some of my gelli prints that i have scanned. in this photo i have combined several prints, adjusted the layers and they i played with some effects. i think it kind of looks like it used molding paste.

in this second one i used a different filter and got this starburst effect. i have done a lot more of these and will post some more later.

everyone have a good weekend, mary


  1. Now I really want to try the tape technique! Yours are stunning! So glad you joined the party! ps. really humid here too - at least it slows down the paint drying out...

  2. Wow those are spectacular!! I need to try it too! I know what you mean about having way too many already done gelli papers but it is hard to just stop, every day it seems there are new ideas out there thanks to the Internet! In fact, having seen what you did above now I want to go play on mine again!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier too!