Tuesday, May 7, 2013

glue time

from far northern NY where it is wonderfully sunny and 70 degrees (high up to 81)

well, i am still a bad blogger. so many times i think of things i want to post or wish i had posted and just can't get motivated to do it. but, i have been following along with aimee's Glue It Tuesday over at Artsyville. every week i think i'll get some pictures posted and then tuesday goes by so fast and i don't get around to it. but, this week i've made up my  mind to get it done. so here we go.

i took an insert from a company magazine i get in the mail and gessoed all the pages. started doing some collages in them using gelli prints, magazine pictures, vintage papers, etc. going with a garden/nature theme. they are not very exciting at the moment, i need to do something more to them but not sure what. add some paint, doodles, stamping whatever to add layers to them. i get this far on things and get stuck.

i admit it, i just like doing backgrounds and basic pages.  i have piles of gelli prints, and citra solve pages, and painted pages and such, but i can't really get into journaling. i look at so many wonderful, meaningful pages and feel  like my life is so uninteresting that i freeze up. i've got to get over that. in the mean time i just do simple, lol.

thanks for visiting, maryk

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving that nice comment. I love your collages, you have a great use of colour.