Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Glue It Tuesday

hi from northern ny where it is mostly sunny and 50 degrees, yeah, almost all of the snow is melted!

recently aimee at welcome to artsyville started a "glue it tuesday" on her blog. while i have done a lot of gluing lately i have not linked to her site before. you can see pics of some of my recent gluing at this post good morning.

mostly i just glue on what ever is handy, cardstock, loose journal pages, index cards, etc. and while i am really good at starting projects, hehehe, i  don't finish a lot of them. i like to make backgrounds but i'm not really a journaler. hence, i have a lot of lot of loose sheets of collage/paintings started. they are all over the place so i decided this morning to make a small book to use just for glue it tuesday.  i started with an empty box from my latest treat, aka unhealthy indulgence. i cut off one side and the top and bottom and had this:

then i started gluing. i used pieces of wrapping/found paper, ledgers and pieces of my art work for the cover.

i used a piece of deli wrap from a gelli print session for the inside. loooove it. i have really come to like the red and aqua/turquoise color combination lately. i want to use it in my house.

now i just have to find some papers to make signatures and sew them in. next week i will be ready to rock and roll.

p.s. please forgive the pics. the sun is not around to this side of the house yet and i was too lazy to get up and go somewhere else.


  1. oh my gaaaa... NUTTY BARS!

    can i admit here that I love those?

    I love even more that you made art from the box :)

  2. I LOVE me some nutty bars too! And deli paper...great idea!

  3. Your cover looks awesome!!! I love the monotype circles and the color combination is indeed stunning! Can't wait to see your book 'grow'... Happy Glue it Tuesday - on wednesday ;) and a hug from Holland

  4. I love that red/aqua combo too. I remember using it a lot when I made jewelry. Good luck with your house painting! {:-Deb

  5. good job! finishing a project is a challenge we all have to deal with. you'll finish more as you go along.

  6. Great covers! It looks like a fabulous start to a beautiful book. I love your painted circles and flowers. Thanks for your visit and kind comment via GIT last week!