Sunday, March 3, 2013

good morning

happy sunday morning everyone. just a quick post before i get started for the day. it has been so longed since i blogged that you can see that i forgot how to insert a picture in a post. hmmm, there is a little icon up there for a picture, duh. note to self, use that instead of the "link" option.

yesterday i found a new blog. i immediately fell in love with it. just my kind of art (no drawing required, lol). the collages are to die for. love the map art, love the quilt designs, love the stamp mandalas.

soooo, immediately my mind began going. i had this pile of scraps left over from the latest ROD journal i am working on.

small strips, but not small enough. so i cut them down into smaller slivers and got this.

then came the fun/messy part. out came the mod podge and an 11x14 drawing sheet and the 4x6 index cards. i spent the rest of the afternoon creating these.

and these

i'm not sure where i will go with them from here, but will let you know what i decide. now i'm off to collage some more.


  1. I really love what you've done! I can think of tons of uses for the beautiful pages you've made. Now I'm thinking of my scraps in an entirely new light! And I'm enjoying looking around tofuart. Thanks for the link

  2. What a great idea for those bits and pieces I've collected for my ROD, but just can't figure out how to use! I may have to try this with my bits of Christmas wrapping I have leftover from this year, too! So many great options! Can't wait to see how you incorporate your finished pieces in your ROD! And thanks for the tofuart link!

  3. These are so pretty! thank you for sharing Mary, I am SO inspired right now!

  4. Oooh these look great, good way to use the gelli prints too - I must try that and I'll go check out that link too as I have some maps to use up too.