Wednesday, March 6, 2013

still cutting and pasting

hi from northern ny where it is cloudy and 41 degrees.

OMG! i am still stuck on cutting and pasting all these little pieces of swap papers and leftover scraps. it is an obsession. i get that way, i get stuck on one thing whether it is crafting, food, tv or whatever and i just have to keep doing it until it naturally wears off. this may take a while as quilts and paper are two of my favorite things.

any way, i was in my own little world yesterday, cutting and pasting. when i was working up close on the text ones i was not totally happy with them. i thought they were blah looking and there wasn't enough variation in the colors. today when i got home from work and looked at them laying in the floor and were more of a distance away i was much happier with them. tomorrow is my day off and i think i have some ideas of what i want to do with these. for now here is what i did yesterday.

i'll let you know tomorrow what i come up with. ;)

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