Tuesday, March 26, 2013

i love this photo

from northern NY where it is sunny and 35 degrees (supposed to 40+, yahoo

well, as you can see i still am bad about blogging. i admire those of you who do it every day. so, as i was surfing around this morning i happened upon this site lorik art where she hosts a mandarin orange monday post. while looking at the links there i realized i had the perfect photo for this. it is a photo that my daughter took from the ferry where she works.

pretty dark photo so i played with it some and this is what i got:

i love this photo of the sun coming up over lake champlain between new york and vermont. hope you enjoy.
eta, okay my daughter said the sun was actually going down. i have no sense of direction since we moved to ny.


  1. Both you and your daughter did an excellent job of capturing the light and calm and the warmth of the scene. The reflections are beautiful too. Thank you for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday:) And welcome:)

  2. Beautiful sunrise! Hope you'd join us too at Orange You Glad It's Friday.