Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SEWN papers

hi from northern ny where it is cloudy and 48 degrees

well, as you can see it has been a while again. no excuse, just procrastinating. any way, i recently signed up for mary ann moss's SEWN class. as usual her classes are extraordinary.

it is forcing me to get out of my comfort box and be a little more creative. also, all of you who have already done the class and posted beautiful examples that are great inspiration. so, what fun i had making patterns and cutting them up for new projects. i tend to get stuck on one thing and go all out. i also like to work in a color scheme too.  i started with my watercolors and used a few colors i like, then i added more and pretty soon i had a color combination i liked. who knew i would like golds, oranges, burgundy, and grey together? i'm a reds/blues/turquoise girl (more on that later). then i just had to go get some markers in those colors. then i got out my acrylic paints and my gelli plate.

here are a few of my favorites from my playing. all of them can be seen on my flickr page at MJKcreations.

this one was my very favorite, i didn't want to cut it up. i love just looking at background papers, but i hate using them because i love them as they are. i finally made up my mind to just cut it, so i did. as soon as i got that first piece cut i realized i had not scanned this group of papers. #(*$&#(*&$.
this is one of my favorite marker pages. i like quirky, what can i say?
this page doesn't really fit the SEWN "pattern" idea. it goes back to traci bautista's Doodles Unleashed style of painting. i had to reset my mind to be able to do this kind of painting. i love it's quirkiness too.
i also like these two papers, one markers and one acrylic. if you like these and want to see more just jump over to my flickr site. thanks for visiting.


  1. I am very impressed with all your work and you have done so much. What an inspiration you are.
    Lynn :)

  2. great work, thanks for sharing! nothing wrong with combining several techniques-makes it that much more fun!