Thursday, October 24, 2013

SEWN first project

hi from northern ny where it is partly sunny and 36 degrees (i'm not ready for winter!)

well, this is not really my first SEWN type project, but it is the first since i signed up for the class. i made a few previously and for the most part my guessing got is right. these are the group of papers i showed in my last post. they were made with a set color scheme of golds, oranges, browns, and burgundy. not exactly my normal choices, but i love them. i think it is because the leaves have been such beautiful colors and fall is my favorite time of year. so here goes with the results of my day

i cut a lot of hexagons and strips this morning and as usual i got carried away and have enough for several projects with tons of paper left over, lol.

this is a pic of the cover after arranging the pieces.

this is after sewing the pieces down.

this is the inside cover. i couldn't stand looking at the back of the stitches so i used scraps to cover them up.

this is the front cover. the edges ended up a little uneven and i had to trim them. since the papers were only tapped in place and not glued down i worried about the edges tearing so i put some duct tape on the edges. not really what i wanted but it does the job.

inside pages.

more inside pages.

back cover.

i'm calling this my "trash book" because all the pages and the inside layer that the cover is stitched to are pieces of paper that i have literally gotten from the trash or saved as i was unpacking cartons at work. they are all sizes and different weights. most are a grey chipboard color. a few are tan, and a few are white on one side. there are 8 papers in the signature so that gives a total of 32 pages. i am all fired up and ready to make more but it is time to stop for the day. i get up at 3:00am so i have to cook, eat and clean up early to get to bed on time.



  1. your book came out wonderful. i love the colorscheme you picked. Well done...

  2. i'm impressed when anyone does the hexagons-i don't have the patience!